Term 3 & 4 Workshops

A variety of workshops are available for actors from years 1 through 12 in terms 3 & 4


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Tuesdays 3:45-4:45, Year 1 to Year 3

Tuesdays 5:15-6:15, High School students

Thursdays 3:45-4:45, Year 4 to Year 6

Thursdays 5:15-6:15, High School students


Tuesday classes commence July 25th / Thursday classes commence July 27th

Details on the specific classes are found below

IMPROVISATION WORKSHOP ~ High School: Enrolling in a Salt House Theatre Company Improvisation Workshop gives you the opportunity to create unique performances as part of a performer driven creative conglomerate. We will explore the art of improvisation through a series of Theatre Sport challenges. This is a great workshop to get you thinking on your feet, taking risks, and working with others. At the end of term 4, students will compete in a Theatre Sports night open to the public.

Spaces Available: 30

Ages: Year 7 to 12

Time: Tuesdays 5:15pm-6:15pm

STAGECRAFT WORKSHOP ~ High School: Students who enrol in the Stagecraft Workshop will develop the skills needed to confidently enter into a backstage and onstage environment. Students will work on a script, develop characters, and be expected to learn their lines out of class. They will present their performance to the public at the end of the year.

Spaces Available: 20

Ages: Year 7 to 12

Time: Thursdays 5:15pm-6:15pm

SKETCH WORKSHOP ~ Primary: The primary Sketch Workshop, gives students the opportunity to release their creative energy and work alongside others to build sketches. Students will learn the basics of sketch development, such as strong endings, performing for the audience, speaking loudly and clearly, and confidently taking on a character. Students will perform some of their sketches at the End of Year Showcase.

Spaces Available: 15

Ages: Year 1-3

Time: Tuesdays 3:45pm-4:45pm

PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP ~ Primary: Students who enrol in the Performance Workshop will work with scripts under the guidance of a director. These classes will require a commitment to learn lines, develop characters over a long period of time, and an ability to take direction. At the end of term 4, students will perform at the End of Year Showcase.

Spaces Available: 20

Ages: Year 4-6

Time: Thursdays 3:45-4:45pm

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